Best of 2022: Higher Ed Spaces

After a long history of a one-size-fits-all approach that too often prioritized content over learners, a strong movement is now underway to make education more human-centered and focused on wellbeing, a critical factor for student success. Check out the products that are inspiring our team and transforming learning environments!


1. Steelcase Verb Flip Tables

"The ease of use, refined aesthetic, small footprint, and whiteboard display make this a unique adaptable table for all learning styles." 



Verb Flip Table Features:

The Verb Flip-Top Table complements the existing Verb classroom collection, with an easily nested, flexible and responsive design. The table can be flipped, moved, stowed and rearranged simply, safely and intuitively, making transitions between modes of learning quick and seamless. Whiteboard storage and display integration encourage continuous collaboration and idea-sharing among students and educators.

For more information about the Verb Collection click here.



2. Bernhardt Mitt Chair

"The Mitt chair is perfect for collaborative settings due to its cozy sit, tailored handle, and weight activated casters."



Mitt Chair Features:

Mitt is the perfect chair for the ever changing environment. The chair’s comfortable and relaxed form, reminiscent of the baseball glove that served as Mitt’s inspiration and name. True to form, stitching and tailoring play an integral part in its appeal. 

For more information about the Mitt Collection click here.


3. Steelcase Elbrook Tables

"Collaboration in classrooms is key, which is why the Elbrook is the perfect solution. Due to its unique worksurfaces and un-obtrusive legs, users can comfortably move in, out, and around the classrooms with ease."

elbrook table


Elbrook Table Features:

With Elbrook, learning flows naturally. Elbrook tables feature curved edges that welcome students to gather from any direction. Worksurface shapes were designed to accommodate students’ belongings, like laptops, phones and water bottles, while the inset legs and low-profile bases reduce barriers so students can move around with ease.

For more information about the Elbrook Collection click here.



4. National Toss Bean Bag Round

“Toss allows you to easily blend the comforts of home into workplace environments and embrace evolving spaces.


Toss Bean Bag Round Features:

Enhance your space with added comfort and functionality by incorporating Toss bean bags and floor pillows. Whether you want to add a punch of color or create a residentially inspired space, Toss offers a wide selection of styles and shapes to achieve a comfortable environment. 

For more information about the Toss Collection click here.


5. Steelcase Brody

The Brody Work Lounge can help colleges and universities optimize their real estate by delivering a high performance space in a highly efficient footprint."


Brody Features:

The ability to focus is a real challenge for today’s workers and students. We get interrupted or distracted every 11 minutes and it takes over 23 minutes to get back on task.

The Brody Work Lounge: creates a shelter from visual distractions, provides privacy, and provides an enhanced sense of psychological security.

For more information on the Brody click here.


6. Steelcase Tenor Chair

"The Tenor Chair delivers the value of an active learning chair at an attainable cost for schools in today's ever-changing learning landscape."



Tenor Chair Features:

The movement toward active learning continues to grow in popularity. However, often due to budget constraints, many schools tend to choose static, lower-cost seating that doesn’t provide the comfort and versatility needed to support an active learning environment.

For more information on the Tenor chair click here.


7. Steelcase Flex Perch Stools

"Flex stools are a great versatile piece to add to a space. They provide an additional posture for users and saves space in style."

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 10.21.51 AM


Flex Perch Stool Features:

Flex Perch is the first furniture product that reduces the use of fossil resources through CCycling. This innovation in sustainability transforms post-consumer waste from electronics production, once impossible to recycle into like-new raw material needed for high-quality products – reducing waste and reliance on fossil resources associated with carbon emissions.

For more information on the Flex Perch Stools click here.



8. OFS LeanTo

"LeanTo is a great escape for small groups to meet and have a sense of privacy without being in an enclosed space."



LeanTo Features:

Every building has those spaces that people are drawn to for escape. Some are intentional through architecture, while others are more natural based on flow and activity or the lack of it. Nooks, alcoves, corridors, and stairs often present an escape and that's exactly what LeanTo is designed to achieve.

For more information on the LeanTo click here.



9. Orangebox Away from the Desk

"Away from the Desk seamlessly integrates individual spaces with larger, more collaborative working configurations."



Away from the Desk Features:

The aim of this collection was to offer a substantial and credible alternative to desk working. Having achieved this, it is now taking on a life on its own, and it will continue to evolve in response to the ways that people use it.

For more information on the Away from the Desk click here.


10. Orangebox Border

"Border marries a lounge seat with a functional worksurface, which makes it effective in any space."



Border Features:

Border is an innovative product that enables small cafe areas to be created easily, anywhere within an office building. The table is positioned at both work and bar height, and includes the option of a power/data module within the structure to allow for it to become an effective work area.

For more information on the Border click here.



11. National Lochlyn Storage

"Lochlyn offers brilliant work, storage, and space division solutions for commercial areas or home environments."

lochlyn storage


Lochlyn Storage Features:

Environments today need to address open plan, accommodate private spaces, provide an atmosphere that creates a home-like feeling, and showcase personality. That’s quite an accomplishment, but Lochlyn does it all. This innovative collection provides a variety of solutions. Its metal frame design can be built to be small in stature or grand in size, depending on the users' space division needs. Add a worksurface to create a desk solution or wall mounted storage to further maximize space. Lochlyn offers brilliant work, storage, and space division solutions for commercial areas or home environments.

For more information on the Lochlyn Storage click here.





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