Best of 2022: Early Education Go-To's

We want to shape school as a place for learning and living, where students feel at ease right from the very beginning. With differentiated, individually tailored solutions, it is possible to respond to the personality and potential of each individual child. Effective learning is anything but one-dimensional. That is why the spaces must be versatile and easily transformed and equipped to meet changing needs. Check out the products that are inspiring our team and transforming learning environments!


1. Fomcore Nest



Nest Features:

The Nest series is where mindfulness and reflection meet  The perfect spot for a little alone time. Solid foam construction allows for light-weight and easy movement. It can also be easily flipped on its side and used as a collaborative space for multiple learners to work around or inside.

For more information about the Nest Collection click here.



2. NorvaNivel Grassy Ott




Grassy Ott Features:

The GrassyOtt will be some of the most in-demand seating in your classroom, library or shared learning space. Ideal for encouraging concentration in tactile learners. Can be used on its reverse side as a work surface.

For more information about the Grassy Ott Collection click here.


3. NorvaNivel CrashPod




CrashPod Features:

Foam filled CrashPods are uniquely designed to retain their shape. These are a staple in any and every learning space and are ideal for reflective or group work.

For more information about the CrashPod Collection click here.



4. NorvaNivel Genga Blocks



Genga Block Features:

Creating seats, surfaces, cubby spaces, and tiered seating, Genga is endless in its use and evokes a unique creative spirit to every learning zone for people big and small.

For more information about the Genga Block Collection click here.


5. VS Shift+ Landscape Floor Pads




Shift+ Landscape Floor Pad Features:

Dramatic Play Stations are social spaces for exploring and pretend play. They support social-emotional, language, and cognitive development, where young children practice essential skills with peers.

Tent elements for creating individual withdrawal areas in the classroom for individual children or small groups. The triangular material elements can be combined with the mats from the Shift+ series to create tent configurations and nooks and crannies.

For more information on the Shift+ click here.


6. Muzo Giant Donut




Giant Donut Features:

Giant Donut is actually, as the name tells us, nothing more than a giant donut that you can sit on. This giant piece of pastry is ideal for chill-out areas and lounges. The fabric is easily changeable thanks to a super-sized zipper on the side of the product. This means you don’t have to worry if you happen to spill some coffee on it.

For more information on the Giant Donut click here.



Teacher Supply Storage Features:

This easel was designed to bring natural elements into the classroom and is ideal for neutral or early years environments. The sturdy frame and shelf is constructed of bamboo, a sustainable and fast growing plant and the Large Open Tubs are made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic tubs. It can be used as a mobile in-class library or for maker space materials and tools.

For more information on the Supply Storage click here.



8. Joy Carpets GreenSpace




GreenSpace Features:

Kick off your shoes and enjoy the relaxing and inviting textures of GreenSpace™.  Comfortable, casual, and low-maintenance, this vibrant and versatile artificial grass rug can be used anywhere!  Equally capable indoors or out, GreenSpace™ is available in shapes and sizes that will coordinate with a wide range of classroom décor.  Manufactured from premium, eco-friendly synthetic fibers, the grass blades are specifically engineered to resist matting and crushing and will maintain their original beauty in even the most active areas.

For more information on the GreenSpace click here.



9. Smith System Oodle




Oodle Features:

Stack, sit flat or rock- your choice! Educators can set them up for use individually or assist students in stacking them higher. Additionally, by simply flipping a separate, floor-facing disc insert 180 degrees, students can sit still (the insert’s flat side) or enjoy 10 degrees of multidirectional rocking motion (the insert’s convex side). A sturdy rotation lock keeps the proprietary stack-and-lock system securely fastened. 

Oodles are ordered in one color. Choose from five available colors. To mix and match, order multiple sets of Oodles.

For more information on the Oodle click here.


10. Tenjam Session Series Outdoor




Session Series Features:

Take learning outdoors! Bring on the saltwater, sand, sun, rain, and snow—these products can take it. Many products have a hard plastic outer shell with supreme durability and stain resistance. Metal components are stainless steel and/or powder coated for saltwater spray corrosion resistance. You can be confident that these products will hold up and look great for many years in high traffic spaces.

For more information on the Session Series click here.



11. Jonti-Craft True Modern Play Kitchens




Play Kitchen Features:

The ultimate in creative play! Loads of interactive elements keep kids entertained. Ample storage and aesthetic design that adults will appreciate. Created by renowned modernist designer—Edgar Blazona—for a sleek, cohesive, and modern design.

For more information on the Play Kitchens click here.


12. Muzo Mbob




Mbob Features:

The new way to sit on the floor!

Sitting on the floor is not always the best sitting position. Uncomfortable, bad posture, no back support, no relaxation.  Mbob aids all of these problems. Great indoors and out. It’s part of a family of products that range from floor learning to counter height.

For more information on the Mbob click here.




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