Best of 2022: K-12 Education Must Have's

We want to shape school as a place for learning and living, where students feel at ease right from the very beginning. With differentiated, individually tailored solutions, it is possible to respond to the personality and potential of each individual child. Effective learning is anything but one-dimensional. That is why the spaces must be versatile and easily transformed and equipped to meet changing needs. Check out the products that are inspiring our team and transforming learning environments!


1. Smith System Elemental Petal Desk

"The Elemental Petal desk is unique shape that allows room configuration into a variety of learning modes. The shape fits easily into a small group of five, but also works well in pairs and larger discussion modes. Adding casters and a backpack hook increases flexibility within the space.

Petal Desk-2


Elemental Petal Desk Features:

The Elemental Petal Student Desk desks are unique to the Elemental series; their leg sets are adjustable in height from 22.5″-29.5″.

For more information about the Petal Desk Collection click here.



2. Smith System Planner Studio Tables

"We go to the Planner Studio table time and again because it always delivers a stylish, durable work table for art rooms, makerspaces, and everything in between. You can add a shelf below the surface as well as a foot rest for increased comfort for students who choose to stand while they work on their projects."


Planner Table


Planner Studio Features:

The Planner Studio table with Butcher Block top is designed to meet the needs of demanding creative learning spaces. These 29″h, 36″h, and 40″h tables meet the needs of your makerspace, without the pared-down “shop-class” aesthetics.

For more information about the Planner Collection click here.


3. Steelcase Perch Stool

"The Steelcase perch stool is a great, lightweight stool that is perfect for informal conversations. They nest together so it is easy to have a few of these stashed in the corner of a room and grab them when needed. Being made from recycled plastic recovered from oceans is an added benefit."



Perch Features:

Through a partnership with BASF, Steelcase Flex Perch is the first furniture product that reduces the use of fossil resources through CCycling. This innovation in sustainability transforms post-consumer waste from electronics production, once impossible to recycle into like-new raw material needed for high-quality products – reducing waste and reliance on fossil resources associated with carbon emissions. 

For more information about the Perch Stool click here.



4. NorvaNivel CrashPod

The Norva Nivel crash pod isn’t any ordinary bean bag – it’s filled with foam so it retains it’s shape. Kids love having these in their classrooms and commons spaces because they can lay on them, fold them and sit on them like a chair against the wall. It allows kids to play with their space and learn the way they feel most comfortable.



CrashPod Features:

Foam filled CrashPods are uniquely designed to retain their shape. These are a staple in any and every learning space and are ideal for reflective or group work.

For more information about the CrashPod Collection click here.


5. Steelcase Flex Screens

“Create private spaces for students to focus or have a calm quiet spot. Connect a few of them together to divide a room to accommodate multiple activities to happen simultaneously."



Flex Screen Features:

These highly adaptable screens are available in a variety of sizes and over 50 fabrics. The edges are magnetic so can be combined to create the ultimate calming space.

For more information on Steelcase Flex Screens click here.


6. Smith System Cascade Storage

"We love Cascade storage because it gives teachers added flexibility to make their classroom work for them. They are mobile, customizable, and gives precious real estate back to the classroom. Adding whiteboard to the backs gives it an extra use in the classroom. These are great for project storage, class supplies storage, student cubbies, teacher storage, and more!"

SmithSystem Cascade


Cascade Features:

Our Cascade Storage System allows educators to organize, store and distribute learning materials. These mobile storage units are highly customizable to hold items in a wide range of sizes and shapes – from sheets of paper to volleyballs. The Cascade Mega-Tower is available with either tote trays or shelves and can be fitted with numerous options including locking doors, riser shelf, and/or whiteboard backside. Cascade school carts are available in 11 powder coat finish options, the End Panels are finished in the color of your choice.

For more information on the Cascade Collection click here.


7. NorvaNivel RockerOtt

"These are a great way to add alternative seating to a classroom. Some kids just need to move and these little guys help them do it. It’s always fun to see the different ways that kids will use these."



RockerOtt Features:

Designed with one flat side, RockerOtt encourages movement and fidget naturally. A great seating solution for students that have a difficult time staying still in a classroom.

For more information on the RockerOtt click here.



8. VS America PantoMove-LuPo Chairs

"Panto LuPo chairs have just enough wiggle for those fidgety kids but also blend in with the rest of the classroom. The blow mold shell is filled with a cushion of air, adding to extra comfort in the seat."



PantoMove-LuPo Chair Features:

Frame consisting of an aluminum star-foot and plastic-covered gas spring mechanism. All models are height adjustable

For more information on the PantoMove-LuPo Chair click here.



9. Smith System Flowform Soft Rocker

"Just like learning, furniture shouldn’t be forced.  Flowform is refreshing in that way.  They feature deliberate organic shapes with soft radii and rounded edging. They work individually or loosely slide together, giving students endless options to make micro-adjustments."

FlowForm Soft Rocker


Soft Rocker Features:

Great ergonomics make this chair a rock star of comfort. The high density foam core provides the right amount of relaxing give, while a compact, hardwood frame ensures a sturdy sit.  Soft Rocker is designed for all rock and no roll. The slight pitch in the back support and subtle curve in the base encourage safe, smooth rocking.

For more information on the Soft Rocker click here.


10. Muzo XBrick

"We are so excited about Xbricks because they are so light and easy to move around. They can be used as a seat by children and adults of any size, because you can just flip them on their side and sit on them at any height. We love that you can use your imagination and build whatever you need in your space. The integrated power module means you can work digitally anywhere you go."

Xbrick - Muzo


XBrick Features:

XBrick, a light and robust product that can be combined in numerous ways to create fun spaces. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Integrated battery means you can take XBrick anywhere indoors and outdoors and have instant access to power. Use XBrick to create a bench, table, podium, a stage, and so much more.

For more information on the XBrick click here.



11. Steelcase Campfire Lounge

"Sized for every space, Campfire Lounge System can be configured to build an unlimited number of seating arrangements to suit any environment. Works well  as both playful comfortable seating in an elementary setting and also dressed up for a high school setting and faculty spaces."



Campfire Lounge Features:

Comfort well defined. Big and Half Lounges anchor the Campfire line with their geometric style, well-defined angles, and uncommon softness. Campfire Lounge System: Big and Half Lounge pieces with seam option and waterfall upholstery complement Corner Lounges to create visually aligned configurations.

For more information on Campfire Lounge click here.


12. VS America Shift+ Storage

"Shift+ mobile storage is ideal for the modern media center. Curved and straight storage pieces allow for an easily customized library space, creates pockets for collaboration and quiet zones. The magnets make it easy to lock in place, while the handles allow for ease of movement."



Shift+ Features:

Lockable casters or adjustable feet option. Optional with shelf inserts or wardrobe hooks (4-prong or 8-prong) and magnets (optional) on the outer sides for linking other cabinet elements. Curved Landscape seating and cabinet elements can be combined linearly and, thanks to the matched inner and outer radii, back to back to create circular and serpentine seating/cabinet landscapes. Pull-handles (optional) made from steel on the top of the body.

For more information on Shift+ Storage click here.




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